Top Do's and Don'ts of Great Vehicle Wrap Design 1

Design tips for your vehicle wrap

Vehicle wrapping has become popular among private car owners and businesses alike. Vehicle wrappings offer an excellent advertising option, particularly for small and medium-sized firms.  While a full car wrap is a considerable investment, it is a cheaper alternative to an entire car repaint. 

 Most vehicle wrappings are designed from printed vinyl stickers. These stickers are usually applied to the surface of the vehicle. However, creating a vehicle wrap can be complex and time-consuming. Particularly for vehicle owners who have never designed a vehicle warp before. 

 Kindly follow these tips while doing your vehicle wrap. 

 Gather information for your design first

Before you start thinking of designing your vehicle wrap, get information on successfully performing a vehicle wrap. Start with obtaining an accurate template. First off, create a couple of car wrap designs on a template to help you determine which design best suits your vehicle. Secondly, decide on the size of the vehicle wrap you need to have on your car. Determine which design best matches your vehicle from the template depending on your car’s model. 

Get some inspiration for your vehicle wrap

 Now that you have a template bearing some suitable designs for your car wrap, you now need to think about how you can make your car wrap design a reality. If you are wrapping your vehicle for a client or company, think of how their logo can integrate into your vehicle wrap design

 In most cases, clients love to have photos in their vehicle wraps. If that is what the client or organization needs, try incorporating high-resolution images in your vehicle wrap design. Agree on a budget for your vehicle wrap photos with your client. 

 Keep your car wrap design simple, especially if the vehicle wrap is meant to advertise your client’s business. Your vehicle will be traveling on the freeway, and thus you have to ensure everyone reads your message within seconds. 

 Choose colors that match your brand’s personality.

Coloring is essential when it comes to creating a vehicle wrap design. The color you choose can complement or ruin your brand’s personality. When designing your car wrap, make sure you use colors that match your brand’s personality. For instance, if you decorate cakes, ensure your car warp has colors that will evoke signs of celebration among viewers of the message of your car wrap. In this case, choose bright colors such as white, pink, and light blue to reveal your brand’s personality in seconds. 

 Create the vehicle wrap design 

You have decided on the photos and colors to include in your vehicle wrap design sketch your vehicle wrap design. The vehicle wrap design shouldn’t be 100% how you intend your final car wrap to appear. Nonetheless, the design should give a visual perspective into how your final car wrap will look like. 

 Seek advice from a car wrap professional 

Car owners may sometimes have many ideas for their car wrap. However, they can select a single idea from the many vehicle wrap ideas they have in their minds. Hence, you need to consult a vehicle wrap professional, especially if it is your first time doing a vehicle wrap. 

 A professional will demonstrate how you can do a vehicle wrap that suits your brand and advertising message. They will also help give you some vehicle wrap design ideas to use in your vehicle wrap design. A car wrap professional will advise you on the mistakes to avoid while doing your vehicle wrap. 


Designing a car wrap should be an easy process, particularly if you have insights into creating your vehicle wrap. Consult with a car wrap professional if you want more ideas to make your vehicle wrap design a success.