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Here at NH Marketing, we recognize the power that videos have towards audiences. In an ever-expanding digital age where our news can be reduced to easily digestible sound bytes, our entertainment diminished to thirty-second long gifs on our smartphones, and everyone being just fingertips away from accessing the troves of information and media on the web, more modern solutions are required to connect to audiences. 


What favors video marketing over traditional marketing is its ability to retain the attention of the consumer. Traditional ads and marketing work less effectively against someone when they can disregard the content or feel no connection or reason to take time from their schedules to entertain anything but their social media feeds. Videos have an alluring draw to them because of how imagery, sound, and emotion can be manipulated to strengthen the desired message.


However, not all videos are compelling. Videos that fail to make an impact on a customer often miss the mark on utilizing emotions effectively. Similarly to how a lengthy article may be overlooked, a video with too much content and not enough pathos often suffer the same fate. Another shortcoming of ineffective videos is a lack of relevancy. Powerful and impactful videos find ways to turn something otherwise irrelevant to something palpable and consumable for audiences. At NH Marketing, we have years of experience crafting content and videos that people want to see.


We firmly believe there is no better alternative than video marketing to connect to your audience. A strong connection to your patrons fosters trustworthiness, respect, and confidence, which all lend themselves as a reliable way to grow your business. Our video marketing strives to elicit strong positive emotions that leave a lasting impression. Our approach to facilitating business growth through media are the following:


  • Brand story videos
  • Frequently asked Q&A’s
  • Client Testimonials
  • Instructional videos
  • Promotional videos

Video Marketing

As a digital marketing and branding business, we recognize the challenges and hurdles out there to gain name-recognition. Through our years of experience and unique perspectives, it allows us to deliver lasting, impactful, and quality work guaranteed to make a difference for you and your business.