Increase Traffic and Sales with Custom Window Graphics

Your storefront is the first impression of your business a customer experiences. If you want their first impression to be a great one, you want to spruce up the display with storefront window graphics. Custom window graphics are an easy way to turn your storefront into a billboard for your business that provides you with rent-free advertising.

Custom window graphics provide you the means to build your brand’s awareness and promote your company’s deals and products. Studies have proven, that people are more likely to enter an establishment when they see an attractive window display. For this reason, retail stores, restaurants, and malls use window displays and signs as the bulk of their marketing strategy.

What Are Custom Window Graphics?

Custom window graphics are also known as window decals, window wraps, and window displays. They are window branding for your services or products in any form from printed vinyl to posters or stickers. These displays promote your business and are applied directly to your windows without the use of adhesives.

Benefits of Custom Window Graphics

Typically a business has solid windows all across the storefront. These windows can be more useful than just a blank, clear space to allow sunlight in. These windows can be turned into innovative and artistic displays to benefit your business. These are some of the benefits you will experience with custom window graphics.

Expand Your Brand’s Awareness

Part of any business’s marketing strategy is to get their name out there and expand the public’s awareness of them. This awareness includes letting potential customers know about your services or products along with your company’s core values. Awareness, or familiarizing the public with your brand is an important piece of any marketing strategy.

Applying a custom window graphic to what would otherwise be a plain window is an excellent means of putting your brand out there in a big way. All who drive or walk by the display are going to get a visual display of what you offer. No matter what your business or organization provides whether it is a business for profit or a non-profit, getting people aware of your existence through custom window graphics is beneficial to your success.

Bring Attention to Your Promotions and Sales

Special promotions and sales have a history of benefiting businesses. These events continue to be a key factor in almost all retail businesses’ marketing strategies. For these events to be a success, customers have to know about them and they have to go through your front door.

Custom window graphics can put your message out there whether it be a store-wide discount, clearance sale, or a special promotion on a certain product. Your window becomes a billboard to anyone walking or driving by and reaches out to both new and returning customers. Studies show a person will most likely spend more money when they come into your store for a sale than they would any other time.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Custom window graphics are a cost-effective method of advertising and bring you the highest return on your investment. When you look at your advertising, it is only considered a success when it increases your revenue by an amount that exceeds what you spent on the ad. The less you pay on ads, and the more they result in successful conversions, the better for your business.

Many types of advertisements your business can invest in will have multiple layers to their costs. There is money and time to invest into creating the ad, and the cost of the space where it will appear. These layers are present in both physical and online advertising. No matter where you place an ad whether it be inside a magazine, on a park bench, or any other place that reaches out to the public, your business has to pay for that space.

However, using your storefront as a billboard for your product or services is rent-free space. You won’t find any greater benefit for your company than one that provides you advertising for your business that doesn’t cost to rent.

Why You Should Turn Your Storefront into a Billboard with Custom Window Graphics

Nothing will beat getting your brand’s awareness out to the public better than turning your front window into a billboard with custom window graphics. Your front window is a powerful tool to persuade potential clients or customers to choose your business or organization. Promote your location, business, and brand with custom window graphics.