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When Is It Time To Replace Your Car Wrap?

A car wrap makes your vehicle appear attractive at the parking yard or on the road. But car wraps do not last forever. Over time they wear out and need replacement. Replacing your car wrap is a long-lasting solution for any damage or wear on your car’s exterior graphics. If you are wondering when to replace your car wrap, here are a few pointers that your wrap is due for replacement.

A faded Car Wrap

The quality and appearance of the graphics degrade with constant exposure to sunlight. If you fail to take precautions when parking your car, the wrap will fade fast and require placement. To prevent fading, always park your car in a shaded spot when off-road. You may also park under garage overheads to prevent fading.

A Stained Car Wrap

Stains on the wrap come from the spilling of liquids, mud, and dirt. Insects may also land on the graphics and stick if not washed immediately. Severe staining may prompt replacement to give your vehicle a better look.

Damage From A Car Accident

A car accident often leads to serious damage to the vehicle wrap and sometimes the whole vehicle. Minor scrapes on the wrap may be fixed by professionals. If the damage is too big, it may require full replacement of the whole wrap.

A Peeling Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl wraps last long but they still peel off with time. Peeling occurs from washing your car using automated brushes. An automated brush lifts off the vinyl edges and scratches the whole surface. Washing your car using a powered pressure washer at close range also causes peeling of the car wrap.

As a precaution, use a soft sponge to rub the surfaces of the car while washing. Observe a minimum safe distance of 12 inches from the car when using the pressure washer. You should also set the water pressure between 800-2000 psi to avoid peeling the surface.

When using detergents, use gentle solvents that won’t react with vinyl. Rinse the car with clean water to wash away traces of detergents on the surface. When you notice peeling on the vinyl wrap, it is time for a replacement.

An Aging Wrap

A car wrap is designed to last for up to five years. If you’ve had your wrap for five years or more, it is old and due for replacement. Wrap designs change with time. Fashionable trends with unique aesthetics fill the market and car owners spot them instantly. You may not feel happy being ridiculed for your aging car wrap.  It also tells your clients that you don’t keep up with the latest trends. This in turn gives your business a negative perception.

Changing Business Branding

Car wraps are one of the marketing tools used to promote a company’s products. When you change your brand name, products, and services, your car wrap needs a change too. You want your customers to stay informed of your latest products as soon as possible.

Distorted Or Deformed Graphics

Unclear images on your wrap graphics may need an urgent replacement. Distorted images hinder the proper display of your brand to the clients.

When You Notice Wrap Bubbles

Vinyl wraps may form air bubbles if not installed correctly. If you notice bubbles forming beneath the wrap, it is time for a whole replacement. To ensure proper installation, select a professional technician that specializes in car wrap installation.

To Avoid Audience Exhaustion

Sometimes you need to change your vehicle wrap to avoid audience exhaustion. Exposing your audience to the same advertisements for a prolonged time leads to monotony and exhaustion. To create a new feeling, consider replacing your car wrap.

Vehicle wraps protect your car from adverse effects of the surrounding weather. They also help you to advertise your products and give your car an awesome look. They come in a wide range of textures, designs, and colors. To make them last long and serve you better, you should take good care of them. If you feel it is time to change your wrap, contact a professional near you for a long-lasting impression.