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Six Reasons Your Business Needs a Brand Identity

What is a brand? Some may answer that a brand is the front-facing image of a company; it could be the Nike swish or the Starbuck’s mermaid logo. If it’s not the image, then surely it’s the name and how the mere mention of it demands our attention, such as businesses like Google or Apple. Perhaps a brand is a clever jingle or catchphrase that triggers our recollection upon hearing it.

Not one of those above answers is incorrect in describing what branding is. A brand can rely solely on an image or prop itself up by its namesake or embed its self in our collective consciousness through clever marketing slogans. A brand can be some of those things, even all of those things, but isn’t limited to just those answers. Combining many of those branding factors gives us what we know as brand identity — a vital amalgamation that bestows upon both long-time customers and new prospects a memorable impression. The more established a brand is within our psyche, the more powerful a juggernaut it becomes within consumerism.

A reliable and trustworthy brand informs your customers and clients what to expect from your business and distinguishes itself from the competitors. Nike’s logo, slogan, and image of pinnacle athleticism go a long way in leaving the imprint upon its customers that they’re a brand of success, strength, and style.

By carefully selecting and crafting your brand, you proposition your businesses to pander to whatever your desired audience is. Here are six reasons you should consider branding your business.

Branding Can Insulate Your Business

Well-crafted brands tell customers and prospects that you are credible, important, committed, and here to stay. Branding can assert how dependable you are. In times of controversy and turmoil, a well-developed branding with excellent relations can insulate the business from isolated problems that may otherwise cause a company to sink. If your brand has always revered as favorable, then errant controversies aren’t the kiss of death many other lesser businesses would crumble from.


Branding Facilitates Business

Branding facilitates the sale. A customer may not know everything about you or your product, but a proper branding answers questions and preempts objections making the sales process easier, faster, and less expensive.

Branding Identifies a Business

Branding lets people know who you are and what you stand for. In just a few words or images, your business can project speed, quality, variety, or luxury or whatever value proposition you want it to.

Brands Can Network For You

A brand makes connections beyond your customer. Like Harley Davidson or Chanel or Tesla, your customers are proud to be associated with your brand and can be your best advertising. In this way, branding paves the way for future sales. It is the shorthand for your customers to spread the word about your business to others.

Brands Create Inherent Value

Brands create their own value. With the trust, confidence, and X-factor of a brand, you can command a higher price and borrow against that goodwill. It is the base upon which you can offer new products and services without having to reinvent the wheel.

Branding Helps Communicate

A brand can communicate the intangibles. It creates the tone of voice, the personality of your company. Does your brand convey to the average joe, or does it speak to a specific audience? Branding can create and reinforce the image required to help you sell the next widget or close the next deal.

Building a brand is not easy, and it is not always cheap. However, nowadays, social media and electronic messaging are less expensive and more critical than ever. Furthermore, it is not a mystery; there is no secret sauce. Branding is simply the steady, consistent application of promoting and providing exceptional products and excellent customer service every day. Consult with NH Marketing Solutions to discover the next steps for building your business’ brand.